Roof Shoveling

Gage Tree Service offers winter services, including roof shoveling, ice dam removal, and more. These services are geared to help you keep your home safe during the winter.

Ice Dam Removal Anchorage, AK

While heavy snow on your roof can cause the structure stress, the real problem is usually leaking caused by ice dams. Ice dams are caused when heat trapped in the crawlspace above your ceiling melts the bottom layer of snow on your roof. Insulated from cold air by the snow on your roof, the water runs down until it hits the overhang, where it freezes, creating an ice dam, as there is no warm air under the overhang. The water then backs up, freezes, and backs up more, sometimes causing major problems and major leaks.

We are safe, insured professionals who have been shoveling roofs for over 20 years in Alaska. Call today for a free estimate to shovel and clear your roof snow or to remove ice dams. Don't wait until it leaks!

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