Tree Healthcare

Let us help you enjoy your yard more by keeping your trees strong and healthy. Whether it's one visit or a scheduled maintenance program, as our client, your trees are under our care. We offer a variety of tree healthcare services from insect and disease diagnosis and control to fertilization. Serving Anchorage, Wasilla, Eagle River, AK and the surrounding areas, let us know how we can help you today! 

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Our Tree Healthcare Services

Insect & Disease Control. Includes tree and shrub spraying, soil injections and trunk injections. Common tree pests are aphids, spruce bark beetles, saw flies and leaf rollers.

Fertilization. Custom programs created for your trees and soil conditions.

Moose Repellants. Effective treatments to make your trees less tasty.

Moose Fencing. For situations where protection beyond repellants is prudent.

Tree Growth Regulators. A great product that controls new growth by about 40% to 60% over three growing seasons while improving tree health and fine root growth. Ideal for managing tree size for their space or pruning needs.

Vegetation Management. While not healthcare, safe herbicide applications can be necessary to keep volunteer trees from growing in undesirable areas. Also used to prevent fresh cut stumps from growing back, especially cottonwoods.

What Are Spruce Bark Beetles?

A spruce bark beetle is a tree-destroying insect that can ravage your trees in Anchorage, AK. These beetles kill trees by boring through them and living in the thin layer of tissue that is vital for the tree's health. Eventually, the tree will become sick and die causing safety issues for those around. Gage Tree Service can inspect your trees for spruce bark beetles and other harmful insects and exterminate them so your trees and home are safe!

Invest in Comprehensive Tree Healthcare

Ensure the long-term health of your trees with our comprehensive tree healthcare services. Gage Tree Service provides tailored solutions Wasilla, Anchorage, and Eagle River, AK, including disease control, fertilization, and pest management, to keep your trees strong and healthy. Protect your landscape and enhance its beauty by contacting us at (561) 844-6145 for a consultation.

Excellent job, very professional. Will use them again. — Tom H.