Stump Removal

While a lot has changed since we brought the first self-propelled stump grinder to Alaska in 1994, we're still the leader in quality stump removal service.

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A stump grinder is basically like a rototiller that also chews through wood. It shreds the stump into wood chips, grinding the surrounding raised area including any surface roots. After grinding, what little is left of the stump (if any) should be at least 8 inches below grade. The next step is to rake up and haul away the pile of stump grindings, which is a mixture of dirt and wood chips, including some wood chunks. Then, if the stump was in a lawn area, the shallow cavity can be filled with topsoil and grass seed added. 

Tips for Choosing a Stump Grinding Contractor

  • Most importantly, will they do a thorough job? A cheap price could mean a hurried job, missing parts of the stump. You shouldn't be rummaging around for a hatchet after the stump guy leaves.
  • If part of the stump is missed (this does sometimes happens and you won‘t know it until cleaning up the grindings after they are gone), can you count on the contractor to come back promptly and finish?
  • For big jobs, does their equipment have enough horsepower? Grinding with underpowered equipment is tedious, often resulting in a poor job.
  • Are they willing to do the cleanup? Tree services often downplay the amount of work it is to clean up stump grindings because they DON'T want to do it. It pays less and is mostly manual labor. Unless you like menial labor, there's a good chance you'll be fuming after spending a weekend cleaning up stump grindings if your tree guy didn't really explain to you what was involved, or told you to “just spread them out“, and three years later your lawn is still struggling. We're happy to either clean-up the grindings or leave them for you, whatever you prefer.

Friendly, responsive and did an outstanding job. — Debbie M.