Tree Support & Bracing

As a tree service company, we are the ones called out to clean up trees after they fail. Many times, failure could have been prevented (or at least prolonged substantially) with preventative bracing. It is always a shame to see a valued tree split and laying on the ground when often just a few hundred bucks could have prevented the loss. Now you're sitting on the deck staring at your neighbor instead of enjoying your privacy!

If you think you have a tree that needs support or may even think is beyond support, give us a call. Our arborists are happy to walk your property with you to identify hazards and, if they find any, offer you practical solutions. 

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Most Common Reasons

The most common cause we see for failure is the result of codominant stems. Codominant stems are main stems of near equal size, often with “V” shaped crotches, that have a narrow-angle of attachment resulting in poor structural integrity. While most species of trees in Alaska can have these codominant stems, pay close attention to chokecherry trees (Mayday, Canada red, Amur). These are the biggest offenders.  Over the years, we have developed the most practical methods for supporting Alaskan species. 

Their crews are the best I have seen. Professional, efficient, friendly and thorough. — Ron O.