As arborists who are in the tree removal business, we see the results of poor planting practices on an almost daily basis. Over and over again, we are called to remove trees that, had they been planted properly, would not need to come out. Too deep, too shallow, too close to structures, wrong tree... the list goes on and on.

When you need a tree planted and want certainty it will be done by someone who has been properly trained, you can count on us at Gage Tree Service. We value trees as you do. These trees are a gift for future generations and it's worth getting it right!

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Tips for Choosing the Right Tree

  • Step one is choosing a tree that grows well in Alaska. Native trees, of course, do the best, but many others also grow well here. The best way to do this is to find a tree in your area that you like, that is doing well, and that has been planted for several years. Then, find out what kind of tree it is.
  • Consider the mature size of the tree. How tall and wide will it get? Many trees are planted in spaces where they ultimately won't fit.
  • MOOSE!!! Unless it's a spruce tree or is protected by a fence, they're gonna get it! They do, however, show minimal interest in lilacs and chokecherry trees most of the time. Planting bigger is better when practical, so that the limbs are above their reach.
  • Trees serve many purposes. Listing out your primary goals may help with selection. Your goals for the trees may be shade, privacy, attracting wildlife, delineate property lines, fall color, etc.
  • Unless you like to experiment, avoid trees from the box stores. The price may be right, but we often see trees that are very stressed or won't even grow here. One client told us how he dug up and returned about 15 dead, 3' tall trees. Must have been quite a sight at the return desk!

Excellent job, very professional. Will use them again. — Tom H.