Proper Pruning

We know your trees are important to you and you don't want just anybody cutting on them. That's why hiring a reputable arborist is so important. Improper pruning can cause damage that is not just aesthetic and short term, but can be permanent and unfixable.

Don't Take Chances

We once got a good laugh from a client who told us a story about how, years earlier, she had hired a landscape maintenance company to trim her tree. She said "I should have known when he showed up to my house and unwrapped his new loppers..."

You don't have to take any chances. You can trust Gage Tree Service with all of your pruning, including the most important step - helping you make the decisions that best suit your pruning needs.

Common Pruning Needs

  • General maintenance pruning for better health and appearance
  • Removal of dead wood to control decay
  • Size reduction of overgrown trees
  • View enhancement, known as vista pruning
  • Training young trees to establish proper form
  • Thinning to get more light to lawns or dark areas
  • Shrub and hedge maintenance, including renovation
  • Pruning to achieve clearance from buildings



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