Brush Chipping

We offer brush chipping service for anyone looking for a hassle free, economical way to dispose of trees and branches. While we occasionally quote a flat rate, most jobs are done by the hour. This provides the best value and flexibility, eliminating overestimating and allowing the scope of work to change to fit each situation. For instance, you can add to the pile any time without worrying about renegotiating the price, or decide to move material closer to where we'd chip to save more money.

Our chipper fleet offers unmatched versatility for your project. From a self-loading tree eater to a low impact, self-propelled unit on tracks, our well-maintained chippers produce good quality chips that we can haul away, broadcast on site or leave for you in a tidy pile.

So, when the fun is over and the cutting is done give us a call. Any size job, from a small pile that would fit in a pickup truck to a large lot clearing job, we'll be happy to clean up the mess.

Tips for Staging Brush to Save Money

  • The woody end of the branch (the butt end) is fed into the chipper. Keep all the butts facing the same direction, pointed towards where the chipper will be.
  • Small manageable piles are best. While we can deal with big piles, extra time can be wasted untangling them.
  • The longer the better. Unless it is very heavy, longer means fewer pieces so less work.
  • Get all the debris as close to the chipping area as possible, without tangling! While we are happy to do this for you, having the material close will save you money.
  • You are welcome to help. You can drag brush to us that is farther away as we get the area by the chipper clear.
  • Call us before you cut. We can help get you organized to make the job efficient.

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