Snow Blowing in Wasilla & Anchorage AK

We bought our first snow blower to clear snow from our tree jobs during the winter months. It wasn't long before clients were asking us to do their driveways, and the next thing we knew, we were in the snow business. Now, we are able to keep our employees year round to serve you better.

Our Winter Services Include

  • Snow Blowing - While we primarily do regular service for residential driveways, our fleet of blowers is available for any project you may have.
  • Shoveling - We're not afraid of labor! Roofs, decks, digging cars out - we'll do it.
  • Loader Service - For moving snow piles, snow hauling, ice scraping, etc.
  • Sanding - Mostly for our residential snow blowing clients.
  • Odd Jobs - Construction, demolition, moving, junk hauling, bucket truck service, general labor. We're slow during the winter and like to keep our people busy. Got a project? Run it by us!

Gage Tree Service Anchorage: (907) 345–8733 (TREE)
Wasilla: (907) 376–8733 (TREE)

Our Services

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