Wasilla & Anchorage AK Pest, Rodent Control & Inspection

We're more than just trees! The pest control experts at Gage Tree Service are state certified applicators that provide pest control, inspection and extermination services throughout south-central Alaska. With extensive knowledge of the local area, we're able to accurately identify and control insects, rodents, nuisance wildlife and other unwanted pests commonly found in the region.

Stinging Pests, Mosquitos and Termites

At Gage Pest Control we have experience handling those frustrating stinging and biting pests that can make your property feel like you are in the middle of a swarm. We treat mosquitos, wasps, bees and other stinging insects. We are also experts in termite control. If you are looking for professionals to help with these kinds of pests, look not further.

Rodent Control

Gage pest control experts are able to properly identify the source of your rodent issues and will help rid your property of mice and squirrels. Our years of experience in Wasilla & Anchorage AK have allowed us to create individualized rodent control programs tailored to the unique aspects of properties in the area. Once we've successfully determined which mouse or squirrel species we're dealing with, we develop a customized plan for exclusion and long-term control. Our goal is not only to rid your space of rodents but to figure out how to block off any entrances and prevent future infestations.

Tree & Lawn Pests

Our roots in pest control! Aphids, wooly aphids, saw flies, spruce bark beetles, birch leaf miner, mites and much more. We utilize foliar applications, trunk injections and soil injections. We're also able to treat lawns and landscapes affected by pests. Using safe and effective methods, we're able to treat your lawn with fertilization and weed control programs while preserving the quality of your property.

Wildlife Control

Animal trapping and removal including relocation or disposal. From beavers to feral cats, pigeons to bats! We also offer deceased animal removal including large animals such as horses and moose.


If you find yourself in need of pest control service, don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule your pest inspection today! The specialists at Gage Tree are here to help rid your home or commercial property from any unwanted guests and keep it pest free for years to come!

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