Lot & Brush Clearing in Wasilla & Anchorage AK

Whatever your project, when it comes to vegetation management, we've got you covered. What makes us different is our ability to efficiently handle all job sizes. While a lot of companies make this claim, we truly mean it. We're as comfortable doing a couple hours of work cutting back an overgrown driveway as we are doing a multi-acre clearing job. From a forestry mower to a track-mounted self-propelled chipper, from a whole tree chipper to a grapple loader, our diverse fleet can match the right equipment to the job, saving you money and making sure your project gets done on time.

Our Lot & Brush Clearing Services Include

  • Custom Lot Clearing, both residential and commercial - The right clearing contractor is critical if you have trees you want to save and don't want them damaged.
  • Forestry Mowing - Our machine can cut and mulch trees up to 6" in diameter and clear up to an acre a day. Great for work such as light land clearing, overgrown lots and roadside maintenance.
  • Hand Brush Cutting - Anywhere brush is out of control and overtaking areas such as roadsides, driveways, trails, lawns and yards.
  • Stump Grinding - An excellent alternative anywhere that excavating is undesirable, our high production stumper can shred the stumps in place.

Gage Tree Service Anchorage: (907) 345–8733 (TREE)
Wasilla: (907) 376–8733 (TREE)

Our Services

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