In this section we want to explain our pricing, including how we compare with our competitors, and offer a few examples of prices. This will not only help us serve you better, but may give you an idea of what your job might cost. We understand that some people just aren't ready for an on-site estimate but need an approximate price so they can plan ahead or make other decisions.

How We Compare

We work hard to offer affordable pricing to our customers. We do the most volume, have better, more innovative equipment, and have many long-term employees which increase efficiency. We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service, a cleaner, professional job and the willingness to take on rush jobs and specialty situations.                            

You can trust our pricing. While we charge enough so we don't have to cut corners and can stand behind our work, we also don't charge too much or we would quickly be out of work.

Understanding Tree and Stump Pricing

Most of our prices are given as a firm, flat price bid. Occasionally, a job could have a moving finish line making it difficult to bid so we'll give an hourly quote for the necessary crew and equipment. Major factors when calculating cost are:

  • How long it will take - This is determined by size of tree, obstacles and access. Is it next to the driveway in your front yard? Or through the dog kennel, around the garden and leaning over the greenhouse?
  • Level of risk - Is the tree so dead that it is unstable? Or broken and leaning on the house under pressure? Tree work is dangerous and at the end of the day we are responsible for whatever happens.
  • Who's cleaning it up - Clean-up adds extra time and equipment to the job. There can also be off site costs such as trucking and dump fees. 

Tree Services

Single Tree Removal
The average price for a single tree removal without stump grinding is about $550. This includes everything from small trees starting around $200 up to massive cottonwood trees that could cost several thousand dollars.

Multiple Tree Removal
If one tree costs $300, (for example a 14" diameter, 40 ft tall birch), 4 trees of the same size and difficulty should be about $800, not $1200. Quantitative discounts reduce the average price per tree.

Stump Grinding
Grinding one, 16" diameter front yard stump, without cleanup is about $150. Factor in size and difficulty (i.e. access, lots of surface roots, etc.) and price increases from here. Two stumps that size would be about $200, not double.

Multiple Stump Grinding
Grinding 20 backyard spruce stumps, various sizes from 6" diameter to 20" diameter is about $600. Again, move price up or down from here. While stump grinding starts at about $125, ninety percent of the jobs are between $250 and $750

Two to three hours of annual maintenance pruning is about $500 to $600. This would include cleanup and hauling of debris.

Brush Chipping
Small brush chipping jobs average $200 to $300. Larger jobs are usually quoted hourly, and depending on chipper size, average about $250/hr.

Please remember, these are average prices. We have to look at the work to give you a firm price!

Specialty Services

Christmas Lights
Our average job is about $1,100 and typically includes roof lighting and some additional features such as shrubs, wreaths or windows. Initially that might seem expensive, but keep in mind that includes cost of lights, installation, any necessary service calls and taking the lights down at the end of the season. Because of the multiple visits that are required, plus the cost of the lights, we do ask for a $800 job minimum.

The average four car residential driveway is around $40 per visit. Cost is determined by size, obstacles and amount of shoveling required.

Crane Service
For tree removal, crane rates are included in the price. Otherwise, they can be flat rate or hourly. When hourly, current crane rates are $245/hr with a two hour minimum.

Brush Mowing
A ballpark estimate would be $2,500 to $5,000 per acre to mulch trees up to about 5" in diameter. Cost can vary greatly depending on average size of trees and number of acres to be cleared. 

Landscape Mulch
$48/yd for colored mulch and $35/yd for uncolored. Raw chips including delivery are $90/load. Raw wood chip load sizes vary from 10 to 30 cubic yards each.


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